TriOut helps you meet people, find new places and discover things to do in the Triangle.

Whether you are looking for something new before you head out or are already out and about having adventures, the TriOut location-based services application is there to help you explore the Triangle area and discover its cultural treasures.

Conceptualized as a social solution to assist in exploring the Triangle community after founder Lawrence Ingraham relocated to the area with his family and found it difficult to find things, TriOut helps you interact with your community, connect with people and help locals find hot spots. Together with the help of Wayne Sutton, Lawrence offers a meaningful service to the Triangle community.

Share the recommendations you would give your closest circle of friends with your TriOut social network.

TriOut was created specifically for the community members of North Carolina’s Triangle region (the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill areas). While the focus is on the Triangle, users can check-in from anywhere.

Several unique features give an authentic voice and creditability to the service’s local-based application. With both a mobile and a web component, users chose the level of their participation on TriOut. You can use the online resources before you head out to learn about a location and get a feel for its vibe. When you are out and about, you can participate via the TriOut mobile application.

Since October 2009, more than 2,000 locations have been logged into the service. Users can interact with the local businesses by submitting photos and posting reviews of locations. To date, more than 1,600 photos and 900 reviews have been added by Triangle users. The system for determining location ratings incorporates both user-posted ratings and the number of check-ins – a feature unique to the TriOut application.

Try out the Triangle on your own terms.

You can decide your level of privacy while interacting on TriOut. Customizable privacy settings let you decide whether to announce your location to your TriOut friends. While publicly sharing your location is completely optional, users can announce their check-in with our convenient Twitter or Facebook integration to make meetups with TriOut friends easier.

TriOut gives users the opportunity to support their favorite local businesses.

We also offer a point incentive system as a way to get involved when you are out and about in the Triangle. Points are accumulated on a weekly-basis by checking in, posting a review or rating a location. You can win virtual awards based on your check-in habits, as well as The Key, a special honor for being the user who has checked-in the most at a particular location. Businesses often offer their own specials or rewards for checking in a certain number of times or for being the Key Holder to their establishment.